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New Book helps Readers Pursue Their Dreams
Editor Terry Whalin Provides Step-by-Step Insider Insight About Getting A Book Published In Today’s Market.

Scottsdale, AZ, April 12, 2005:   You’ve probably thought it or said the words to someone else or maybe even started the process. “That would make a great book.” Or “You should write that talk into a book.” Or “I could write a book on __________.” According to a survey from the Jenkins Group, Inc., a Michigan publishing service firm, 81 percent of Americans feel they should write a book. Jerrold Jenkins, CEO of this group, estimates that more than 6 million Americans have actually written a manuscript—just over 2 percent of the population.

Aspiring book authors come from all walks of life and age ranges. They bring their hopes and dreams to the paper and desire to get them into print. But most of them are doomed to failure because they don’t understand publishing.

Now with BOOK PROPOSALS THAT $ELL, 21 SECRETS TO SPEED YOUR SUCCESS (Write Now Publications, Publication Date: April 12, 2005) readers can take an inside look at the publishing industry and shape their book projects so they hit the mark. According to author W. Terry Whalin, more than 80% of all nonfiction books are sold from a book proposal. This mysterious document contains many elements that will never appear in a manuscript—yet these details are critical to publishing executives who make the decision about publishing or rejecting the book.

With real stories and experiences, Whalin takes the reader inside the meetings where publishing executives make decisions about which books to publish.   For years, he has often been the first person to receive a new author’s work and guide them into making their dreams become the reality of a printed book.  Whalin understands the needs of writers because he has written more than 60 books but his perspective about books completely shifted when he became a book acquisitions editor.

With help from this book, readers will learn:

  • Discover current trends in the marketplace and how to continue to follow them
  • Pinpoint the topic and the specific audience for your book
  • Learn how to cast a specific vision for the book idea, the shape and size
  • Understand the competition in the marketplace for the proposed idea
  • Create a dynamic, realistic marketing plan and explain how the author will be proactive in those plans.

As Michael S. Hyatt, President of Thomas Nelson Publishers, the 9th largest publisher in the world, wrote, “Traditional publishing is shrouded with mystery. Terry Whalin peels back the curtain to give authors an inside look at what a writer needs to provide a publisher. Following his advice will give you the edge you need to create a slam dunk proposal!”

Or long-time Senior Editor at Multnomah Publishers Larry Libby wrote, “In the often bewildering world of book publishing, aspiring authors need more than desire, creative skill, and something worthwhile to say. They also need a road map. My friend Terry Whalin offers a map even Rand-McNally couldn’t top. If you have any inclination toward getting a book published, you’ll do well by studying this book first.”

A popular speaker at conferences, Whalin knows how to communicate with would-be authors.  He guides authors to shape their book ideas into the perfect proposal which will stand apart from the competition.

BOOK PROPOSALS THAT $ELL, 21 SECRETS TO SPEED YOUR SUCCESS by W. Terry Whalin ISBN 1-932124-64-0, $14.00, trade paperback, 182 pages, Write Now Publications, Publication date: April 12, 2005.

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